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About the team

We offer assistance with domiciliary tasks and household duties, in a quickly adaptable personal service dedicated to helping individuals to develop and maintain their confidence and independence.

We understand that living independently in a familiar environment can have an enormous benefit on a person’s well-being and their mood. We also understand the importance of listening to a person and learning what they would like to achieve. By understanding the reasoning behind a person’s choices, we develop our knowledge of their values, and can help them reach their goals and express themselves. We help people to build their own routine, providing a sense of meaning and security.

Our service is centred around the individual, and as we get to know each of our clients, learn of their aspirations, capabilities and difficulties, we help them to achieve their goals. Our staff are available to assist and help with most domestic tasks, thus promoting individual’s confidence and independence.

We believe that each person should be encouraged to maintain their routines so that they may accomplish the things which are most important to them. Our service aims to provide choices to people and enable them to live their lives how they want, building on their self-esteem.